US Capitol, Senate, and House Office Buildings, Washington, DC
Survey and documentation of existing plumbing systems with evaluation, redesign, construction phasing, and cost estimates

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Building 40, Washington, DC
Laboratory/fume hood renovation and co-generation/energy recovery study

US Department of State – Columbia Plaza, Washington, DC
Prime consultant for 550,000-SF building renovation and tenant fit-out to address hazardous material abatement and indoor air quality

Naval Research Laboratory Building 33, Washington, DC
Energy study and energy-efficient renovation design

Naval Research Laboratory Building 65, Washington, DC
Renovation of MEP systems for 60,000-SF laboratory and test facility

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD
New central laundry facility addition

White House – East Wing Renovation, Washington, DC
Prime contractor for MEP retrofit and hazardous material abatement to meet code and improve energy efficiency

Secret Service Headquarters, Washington, DC
New office building with high security/blast resistant standards

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
300,000-SF complete M/E renovation

US Environmental Protection Agency, Alexandria, VA
400,000-SF LEED®-Gold tenant interiors

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Washington, DC
550,000-SF tenant interiors - GSA high-security standards

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Washington, DC
450,000-SF tenant interiors - GSA high-security standards

US Department of Justice Offices, Washington, DC
480,000-SF tenant interiors - GSA high-security requirements

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC
300,000-SF tenant interiors

US Department of Education, Washington, DC
250,000-SF tenant interiors

US Housing & Urban Development, Washington, DC
200,000-SF tenant interiors

US Federal Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC
100,000-SF tenant interiors

US Patent Trademark Offices, Arlington, VA
200,000-SF tenant interiors

Liberty Square, Vienna, VA
200,000-SF tenant interiors and 10,000-SF mission critical data center

GSA Tenants
Metropolitan Washington Area